Expression Of Interest From Established, Technically Competent And Financially Sound Vendors Services &Supply Rodding Anode Storage Shed Extension • Annual Maintenance Contract For Crane Air Conditioner & Dryer At Balco Annual Contract For Maintenance, Fabrication, Manpower Supply & Vehicle Hiring ( Like Hydra, Pickup, Material Handling Equipments ) , Supply Of Ingot Mould, Quantity— 608 Nos • Refractory Bricks, Mortar & Castables • Filter Bag, Material Of Construction: Non-Woven Virgin Polyester, Lepgth:6040 Mm, Diameter 127 Mm. . Filte Bag, Diameter 127 Mm, Length 6500 Mm, Material Non-Woven Virgin Polyester. • Filter, Bag; Type Scrim Supported, Diameter 127 Mm, Length 6040 Mm, Material Non-Woven Needel-Felt Polyester.

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March 22, 2017

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