Tender For 7.5 HP DOL starter panel cmprising of :- 1. TP MCB of 32 AMPS: hAVELLS/ Standrad/HPL: 1No.,2. Power contactor AC 23 duty 18 Amp. L&T/LS System/Havells:1No., 3. Timer fully automatic delta startermake: EAPL-1No., 4.On push button with NO element 22.5mm dia Surdhi/Vashino:01No., 5. Off push button withNC element 22.5mm dia Surdhi/Vashino:01No., 6. Indicating LED type R,Y,B 22.5mm dia Surdhi / Vashino: 03Nos., 7. On indicating Lamp LED type 22.5mm dia Surdhi / Vashino make :01No., 8.Control MCB Havells /Standrad make: 03 Nos. 10. Electronic Motor Protection Relay with following protection: 1set a. Over LoadProtection, b. Current sensing single phasing protection , c. Phase failure protection, d. Dry run protection , dryrun can be by pass for general motor if require Minilec make S2 CMRS with S2CTS/20. ,11. Ammeter of suitablerating, AE/Nippon.:1No., 12. Volt meter 0-500 Volt AE/Nippon or similar: 1No., 13Volt meter selector switchSurdhi/ Kaycee:1No., 14. Digital time switch for 24Hours automation operation of pump EAPL/L&T:1No., 15.Incoming and outgoing terminal suitable for Alu. cable reputed:1 set fully automatic star delta starter pannel modeof 16 DOL starter panel made of 16 SWG CRCA sheet powder coated of siemens Grey colour, wall mountingtype as described above.

Tender Notice


South East Central Railway



September 13, 2018

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